Installing Tmux Without Root Access

The following script was adapted from, with some improvements and broken link fixes. #!/bin/bash # Script for installing tmux on systems where you don't have root access. # tmux will be installed in $HOME/local/bin. # It's assumed that wget and a C/C++ compiler are installed. # exit on error set -e TMUX_VERSION=2.8 # create our directories mkdir -p $HOME/local $HOME/tmux_tmp cd $HOME/tmux_tmp # download source files for tmux, libevent, and ncurses wget -O tmux-${TMUX_VERSION}.

Monitor Memory Usage With Free

free is a command which can give us information on available RAM in Linux machine. This post will summerize the usage of free command and how to interpret the output. Command usage free Display RAM in human readable formats like in KB’s, MB’s, GB’s, TB’s1. free -k free -m free -g free --tera Display memory usage every 2 seconds. free -s 2 Buffer, Cache and RAM In linux, Used RAM = cached RAM + buffered RAM + actural RAM used by the applications and OS2.

My Development Environment Checklist

Lately I’ve been admitted as intern at a tech startup to work on a SDK. To begin the development, my first task is to get my development environment ready. This job allows me to take time to reflect on what I’ve done to make it cozy, and how to make it better or even streamlined. Configure Shell Install zsh Try zsh --version to see if Z shell has been installed.

Using NTP to Sync Time

Recently there was a strange error during code compilation. The compiler complained that the modified date is ahead of current time for some objects, thus it cannot figure out the correct dependencies. Because the source code is hosted on master node via NFS, we suspect the time between these two nodes are out of sync. Within a cluster, it is important that the time at all node should be synced. .