Connect to remote jupyter notebook inside docker container

Target Use Case

Connect to a jupyter notebook server within a remote docker, and open it in your local browser or VS Code.

Docker (running notebook)  → Host → Mac/PC (Running VS Code/browser)

Step 1: Connect from docker to host

  • docker side: expose a port (tell docker you want to use this port),and publish it (actually open up the port and map to the port on the host)
    • Notice that you can only expose a port before running the container
# port mapping format HOST:CONTAINER
docker run --expose=8888 -p 8888:8888 
  • Jupyter notebook: launch the notebook
jupyter notebook --ip --no-browser --allow-root path_to_notebook

Step 2: Connect host to your local client (VS Code or web browser)

  • Open up the port 8888 on your host machine
    • You can follow the instruction here. If you are using cloud-based server, remember to update security group rules by allowing incoming traffic through 8888
  • After the notebook has started, it will give you a link that looks like:
Ziji SHI(史子骥)
Ziji SHI(史子骥)
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My research interests include distributed machine learning and high-performance computing.