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Sharing of APAC AI-HPC Competition 2018
Mar 12, 2019 17:10


Tokenizer for StackOverflow Posts

We developed two tokenizers on Stack Overflow posts. One is based on regular expression, and the other is based on Conditional Random Field (CRF).

NTU HPC Weekly Training

Repo for code/text used in NTU HPC internal weekly training.

AVX Optimization on MrBayes

By porting MrBayes to AVX-512, we achieved 4x speedup.


  • CZ1011 Engineering Math I (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2018).
    An introductory course on Linear Algebra and Statistics.

  • NTU HPC Workshop on High-Performance Computing (2018 - Present).
    In our weekly workshops, I mainly taught how to fine tune the application performance from different perspectives. Namely, compiler, build system, OpenMP, and CUDA.